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Mrs. Meek


My Story

I have been teaching Kindergarten at Strain-Japan School for nineteen years. I have really enjoyed teaching in this small rural school. My class sizes have been great. The biggest class I had was 2014-2015 at fifteen and my smallest class was seven! It has been like teaching in a private school. 
          I started out life in Indiana, graduated from high school and went to Indiana University where I met my husband, Joe. I dropped out of college in my junior year to start raising a family and didn't go back for nearly 30 years! I was old enough to be most of the other students' mother but I thoroughly enjoyed going back to finish my degree. I finally finished in 2001. Other jobs I have held have been teacher's aide to my husband who taught in a private parochial school, site director for a before/after school latchkey program in Alaska, and Lead Teacher for the local Head Start.
         Yes, we did live in Alaska for four years. It was quite an experience for all of us - being chased by a mama moose, watching the eagles and bears close up, and trying to stay warm.
         We have been living in Missouri now for over 27 years and love it here (except for the heat and humidity!)
I like to visit my grandchildren, garden, watch the birds, and play on the computer when I am not teaching school.

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