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Strain-Japan School District
Reading Counts

Reading Counts Program

Scholastic Reading Counts is a comprehensive program that motivates students to read and helps teachers, school librarians, and administrators manage, monitor, and assess student performance.

Reading Counts is designed to provide:

  • Motivation

  • Reading goals give students something to strive for.

  • Students make their own reading choices from a variety of popular books.

  • Certificates and rewards encourage them to keep reading

  • Accountability

  • Self-administered quizzes ensure that students have completed a book.

  • A 15-30 question database per quiz allows students to retake quizzes and receive different questions each time.

  • Automatically generated reports help teachers monitor every student's performance

Students will follow these steps in the Reading Counts Program

  1. Take the Scholastic Reading Inventor (SRI) test. A reading level or a Lexile level is assigned. This is not the sole determinant for reading materials for students. Their interests and experiences, as well as the teachers' knowledge of the student's abilities will help make reading suggestions.

  2. Select boos from age-appropriate literature that appeals to their interests.

  3. Read the book at their own pace.

  4. Take a short quiz of 10 questions on the computer to verify comprehension of the book they read.

Students can earn points based on the length and complexity of each book they read. These points can earn students rewards at the reading counts store.

Book Expert

This searchable database provides information about books that are supported by Reading Counts!

Mrs. Edie

Please contact Mrs. Edie for any questions pertaining to Reading Counts or a certain book we may have in our library.

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