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Superintendent Goals

Strain-Japan R-XVI School District Superintendent Goals 2023/2024

Key Pillar One: Leadership
Mrs. Vandegriffe will continue to engage internal and external stakeholders to develop
significant recommendations to the Board and to consistently reinforce a positive culture
of service, respect, and support for ALL students, faculty, and staff.

Focus & Suggested Activities
1. Conduct a security audit and develop an updated safety manual (May 2023).
2. Implement a Student Advisory Council (February 2023).
3. Develop and implement a Facilities Plan.
4. Develop and implement a Professional Development Plan.
5. Participate in an on-site financial audit.
6. Research teacher retention and recruitment to meet district staffing needs.
7. Increase participation in MSBA events.

Reporting Requirements:
1. Continued monthly review of the CSIP.
2. Present an updated safety manual for board approval (Summer, 2023).
3. Report on Fall survey results (November).
4. Board Approval of Facilities Plan (Summer, 2023).
5. Present the results of the audit (December).
6. Attend MSBA events.

Key Pillar Two: Achievement

Focus & Suggested Activities
Mrs. Vandegriffe will continue to drive the staff to reach academic achievement goals by
creating a collaborative culture where educators seek input and feedback. Ensuring that
our students are supported in many ways remains a constant goal for our school.
1. Oversee curriculum development for all content areas over the next three years.
2. Meet monthly with classroom teachers for data chats and observation reviews.
3. Schedule more collaborative time for the teachers.
4. Continue to monitor PD plans.
5. Develop and implement an MTSS plan.
6. Develop a schoolwide literacy plan.
7. Secure funding to continue to offer Pre-K services to our families.

Reporting Requirements
1. Report on the progress of PD plans. (May)
2. Present MTSS Plan for board approval. (August)
3. Present Literacy Plan for board approval. (July)
4. Budget Considerations for Funding Pre-K

Key Pillar 3: Involvement
Mrs. Vandegriffe will strive to create an environment in which all district
stakeholders are in tune with the mission and vision of the district.

Focus & Suggested Activities
1. Oversee the design of a new logo and colors.
2. Present a Communications Plan for Board Approval.
3. Market the new CSIP to our parents and community.
4. Provide informative articles to the local media.

Reporting Requirements:
1. Presentation of the new logo (Summer, 2023)
2. Present Communication Plan for Board Approval (June)

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